We have a very wide range of fashion options in the city

You can be with the latest trends and buy clothes which you thought were out of style now. But, it is not always as easy as that.

The article „Why are fashion bloggers so popular these days?” written by Dr. Heather Williamson (author of The Fashion Blogging Revolution), explores the rise of fashion bloggers and their influence on the industry. It is written from the point of view of a fiction writer who has been observing the rapidly growing industry for more than a decade now and summarizes current trends in blog writing:

In a globalized world, people are constantly exposed to trends. Trends change and affect what we wear, what we speak, how we move and how we live. Trends come and go with the seasons; New York City has been the center of fashion for centuries now.

At FashionForLife agency, our mission is to bring you the latest fashion news and events that affect your lifestyle: runway shows, celebrity style guides, interviews with international stars and city-specific trends.

Our agency is an identification point for all those who want to survive in this fast-moving business world – be it the innovative startups or established companies – a platform that connects all types of people from around the world: women looking for unique styles from luxury brands like Fendi to techies who want to adopt new fashions

New York, is a major fashion hub in the world and it has long been a beacon of creativity. A new law passed by the government of New York states that anyone who wants to open or co-operate with any fashion or design related business can do so. Fashion houses are also known for their propensity to innovate and develop ever-new trends and styles.