New York is a world-famous city for fashion, and as of 2016

Fashion inspires and inspires everyone – regardless of the current state of our financial situation. It’s a way to express ourselves, to be unique and effortless at the same time. We should find ways in which fashion can be used as a tool for this or that purpose – in order to inspire the viewer to show up for the event or occasion.

„The fashion world is exhibiting some of the most extreme diversity in the United States today. It is no wonder, then, that designers are not only famous for their innovative creativity but also their ability to capture the hearts and minds of young, racially diverse millennials. As such, New York City has become a selective breeding ground for some of the world’s most influential brands.”

All of us know what it is like to wear clothes. 😉

Fashion tends to get a bit boring and predictable. That is why we all want something new right?😀